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: A Labor of Love :

High in the hills of Southwest Washington, a herd of dairy goats are lovingly tended to product high quality goats milk and goats milk dairy products. Twenty five Nubian does are milked twice daily for their sweet and low fat milk, some of which produces tasty cheddar cheese.

Shaun & Lorrie Conway lovingly tend the herd, milking twice daily and producing and aging wheels of cheddar in their on-site cheese room and hand-constructed cave.

: This is Us :

 couple and their goats

Over 20 years of farming and producing products from the land and livestock. We’re so blessed to share this passion together, and by turns share it with you. The farm is a certified Grade A Dairy and all products are made with only milk from the goats on the farm.

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: Our Goat’s Milk Cheddars :

Yacolt Burn Cheddar

With exotic notes of paprika, this hand-stirred marbled cheese has a tasty nose and a slightly spicy taste that accompanies middle eastern cuisine as well as it goes with nuts and fruit.

Cumin Cheddar

Cumin has long been used as a hidden flavor component in fermented foods. The flavor of cumin is prominent in this cheese, and goes well with white wine and hearty stews.

English White Cheddar

A classic cheddar with luscious melting properties, this cheddar blends well into dishes and is also a creamy standalone with hors d’oevres.

Wry (Rye) Cheddar

The newest cheese on the block, the Rye is pronounced enough to stand with beer and pretzels, or as a sweet note to a baguette.

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